Junmp will participate in IOTE
2020-08-03Junmp will participate in IOTE

The 7th China International Internet of Things and Smart City Exhibition(abbreviation: IOTE) will be...

Happy Holidays!
2016-06-16Happy Holidays!

Junmp announces RFID View Tag
2016-06-16Junmp announces RFID View Tag

Junmp has developed the new type of RFID View Tag. This view tag adds an electronically re-writ...

Dragon Boat Festival Holiday N
2016-06-16Dragon Boat Festival Holiday N

Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon.According to the holiday plans by the government, our work sched...

Junmp announces switch-augment
2016-06-16Junmp announces switch-augment

Junmp has developed the new type of switch-augmented RFID tag, whose characteristics are the exploit...

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