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Junmp, a national high-tech enterprise, has independent research and development capability, with excellent RFID development and design team, applying for more than 60 software and hardware product Copyrights and national patents. 11 invention patents, 26 utility patents, and 28 software Copyrights have been obtained. We have worked on various kinds of national and local projects, such as national IOT, science and technology innovation fund and cooperated with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang University and other research institutions. 

Junmp continuously enhances the innovation research and development investment, after many years experience, now having a variety of mature industry application solutions, including industrial intelligence (digital factory, digital logistics, digital warehouse), Consumer retail (anti-counterfeiting traceability, smart retail/store), smart library, UWB precise positioning, etc., which can provide mature application middleware and series of read-write terminal products. We have advanced equipment, German automatic RFID label production line, manufacturing UHF, HF and sensor labels. We are the world's top three UHF chip manufacturers’ authorized partner as well.


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